Before we begin, thank you. We are glad to have you here looking for our personal information. Your curiosity make us very happy.

Estudio Arze is the wish, effort and energy of Eva Sánchez Montalvá and Zoe Vega Laguna, to build, from architecture, a better place. This place is every place you can imagine. A house, your dining room, a place for your business, possibilities in a plot you have in your hometown…everything can be better, dreamt and built.

We are specialized in architecture, both new buildings and remodeled housing. We are a very competent and responsible team made of workers, technicians and collaborators.

Eva and Zoe walked different paths before they met at Arze.


Eva is architect by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, has a Master’s degree in design and creation of spaces. (Interior Design and the exhibition space) by Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, where she made an internship in Olga Subirós office. She worked in Copenhagen, at COBE architects office,  working in the areas of architecture, public space and urbanism.

Zoe is architect by Universidad de Alicante. He finished his architecture studies in Berlin, where he developed different urbanism, public spaces and housing projects under the teachings of Stephan Braunfels and Luis Feduchi. After his german period, he came back to Spain where he worked with different construction offices. At that times, he developed projects in Alicante and in Argelia.

The wish to have their own architecture office, crystalized during an architecture collaboration between them. And since 2013 they have an architecture and interior design office in Alicante, where they work hard to achieve their dreams: make yours true.