Energy certificates:
Energy certificates are necessary documents when you want to rent or buy a home or a shop in Spain. It is useful because evaluates the energy consumption giving a letter according they efficiency. “A” buildings are better than “G”. That has an important commitment in how much money you spend having your place warm or cold. We do this certificates and also we propose improvement steps to save money doing little changes. An investment for better way of life.


The Activity Project is obligatory to open every new business (shops, restaurants, chemists…)in Spain. It contains a memory of your project, budget, security plans and project plans where it is shown every single point of the business design project, and also the activity description, justifying the compliance of your specific laws.
In Estudio Arze we manage this licenses while we define the interior design project, so there are no waiting times.
If you want to know more information, do not hesitate and please contact us. We will study your case and we will advise you for free.


The building technical inspections (ITE in Spanish) are mandatory revisions for buildings with more than fifty years old. The main objective of this document is to stablish the conservation state of the building and also determine which restoration processes must be used in each case. In an ITE, we analyze every fact related to security, habitability and functionality of the building, including also an energy evaluation in order to have a document assuming the housing viability.


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